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HMCCC 25th Anniversary Celebration
Sept 29, 2018


25th Anniversary Trip to the Doo Wop Cavalcade on Saturday, Sept 29

What better way to celebrate the club's 25th anniversary than cruising in the classics with friends, sharing great food and enjoying great entertainment together.

That's exactly how 19 members of the club and one guest did on Sat., Sep 29. After departing the Burger King in Mt. Airy, Marsha and Ed Zimmerman (in Marsha's '57), Butch and Sissy Riley (in "Red Dawg"), John and Janet Stein (in their '57), Richard and Julie Thompson (in their '56), Jim and Linda Riggs (in "Old Blue"), Dave and Bonnie Warfield (in their '63), Jim and Linda Walker (in "IronHide" - Silverado truck), Frank and Alice Smith in late model steel (Good to see you are recovering, Frank!), club friend Bob Wagner with sidekick HMCCC member Barb Zimmerman (in Bob's classic Camaro) drove onward to Lancaster PA. Frank and Bev Baker (in their '57) joined the group as we enjoyed a leisurely cruise on a beautiful day on the scenic back highways of Maryland and Pennsylvania.

The group stopped at the "Good and Plenty" restaurant for a delicious lunch served family style. (Marsha and Eddie ate there on their honeymoon!) After lunch and a short drive, the group arrived at the American Music Theater in Lancaster.

Marsha had arranged special parking for our classics much to the delight of the folks waiting for the theater to open for the afternoon performance of "The Fall Doo Wop Cavalcade". Another "instant car show" for the public to enjoy!

The theater was beautiful, and the acoustics were perfect and HMCCC was welcomed when the club's name was flashed on the jumbotrons inside. (We all cheered!). Among the groups that sang were The Duprees, Charlie Thomas' Drifters, Jay Siegel's Tokens, Dennis Tufano - lead singer of the Buckinghams, The Marcels and Randy and the Rainbows featuring Randy Safuto. Old favorites songs that ranged from the late 50's to mid-60's had the audience of blue hairs, white hairs and no hairs clapping and singing along. (HMCCC were the "youngsters" in the crowd!).

After the show, the group headed home but a few of the folks stopped off at Tropical Treat in Hanover. However, due to the crowd and since it was their last night of the season, no one ended up staying. Many thanks to Marsha Zimmerman for arranging all the details of the trip and Sissy Riley for the cool photos. Hopefully, we can do it all again for the next big milestone of the club.

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