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Spring Cruise,
April 14, 2018

Mother Nature & Marsha Z. Deliver Great Spring Cruise!

In a year when winter doesn’t want to quit and spring seems to want to wait for summer, the HMCCC Spring Cruisers managed to pick the best day of the year (so far) to explore the geography between New Markets (MD and VA). Thanks to Marsha’s flawless game plan and Mother Nature’s cooperation the trip was great!

Folks shoulda known something was up when the Zimmerman party (EZ, Marsha & Bob Wagner) showed up in duelling Camaro convertibles and the Riggses and grandson Marc had dropped the top Linda’s Olds. That and the fact the wind, snow, rain and otherwise typical weather was absent for a change.

For the record, besides the Camaros of the Zs and Bob W. and the Riggs’ F-85, a passel of trifivesdid make the trip: The Bakers, Rileys and Steins in their ‘57s, the Schneiders in their ‘55, and the Thompsons in their ‘56. The Rosenbergers were in their Chevelle. The Smith’s Chevy was somewhat newer and the Andersons pushed their luck leaving the city limits in a Ford.

After a welcome pit stop and catch-up at a Sheetz in Boyce, VA, the caravan headed to Fort Jackson, VA and the Route 11 Potato Chip Factory. Who’da thunk a potato chip factory would be that interesting. That Marsha knows her peeps!

The next stop was The Southern Kitchen in New Market, VA for lunch. The vittles was good and the folks friendly at the S.K. and everyone seemed to acknowledge that Marsha, again, had called it. Keep the place in mind next time your heading south thru VA.

After lunch we headed over the mountain for Luray, VA and Cooter’s Place. We all know what a huge contribution The Dukes of Hazzard made to the fabric of American culture and Cooter’s chain of nostalgia emporiums are making sure we never forget it!

After enjoying Cooter’s as much as we could stand folks kinda scattered and, as far as we know, all made it home safe and sound. At the risk of giving Marsha the big head; thank’s, great job! You too, Mother Nature!

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